We have an excellent selection of GPS systems available.

Come in and talk to our knowledgeable staff about the GPS system that's right for you!

More information on specific models:

Our Geko Series is waterproof, weighing in at just over 3 oz.

Our smallest lightest units:
Geko 101 is basic unit allowing you to mark locations and navigate to them.

Geko 201 has WAAS and more storing capability for waypoints, tracks, routes and also has built in games.

eTrex series has basic navigation and a slightly larger screen then the Geko's and are waterproof too.

Our Venture model will accept downloaded points of interest.

Legend has a basemap and 8 MB of downloading capability from Map Source CD's

Summit is a basic navigation unit with a built-in electronic compass (that is accurate even when you're not moving) and a barometric altimeter which records your elevation.

Vista has a basemap and 24 MB of downloading capability from Map Source CD's, an electronic compass and a barometric altimeter.

The 76 series has a larger screen then the etrex's and is very easy to read and displays any downloaded mapping detail very well. They're waterproof, they float, and their buttons are diplayed on the front of the unit instead of the side so they're easy to use when mounted on vehicles and boats.

GPS 76 has basic navigation capabilities.

GPSMAP 76 has a basemap and 8 MB of downloading capability form map source CD's.

GPSMAP 76S has a base map plus 24 MB of downloading capabiliteis, an electronic compass and barometric altimeter.

We also carry a GPS 72 series model, that is waterproof, floats, has basic navigation features and it's reasonably priced since the pixels are a bit larger then the GPS 76 series yet it's still easy to read.

The eMap is an electronic moving map and it's great for mounting in your car and accepts downloaded data from Map Source CD's.

The Rino series is the convenience of GPS with a two way radio. It has FRS radio frequency so it's compatable with many motorola's and other FRS radios. It has an exclusive location reporting feature which allows you to send and receive GPS positions with other Rino users. It's waterproof too.

The Rino 110 has basic navigation features and the Rino 120 has a basemap and 8 MB of downloading capability from Map Source CD's

If you have any questions or would like a demonstration please remember that we give free demos and hands-on instruction. All of our units are competitively priced!