Hunting and Fishing in Indigenous Communities: Preserving Cultural Traditions and Environmental Knowledge

From saber-toothed tigers to elk, hunting and fishing have been a part of human history since time immemorial. Today, cultural traditions that include these activities are being preserved – but not just out of respect for our ancestors or because of the nostalgia factor. There is also an incredibly important environmental knowledge we can glean […]

The Ethics of Trophy Hunting: Debating the Merits and Drawbacks

The practice of trophy hunting has long been debated by proponents and opponents alike. As a complex issue, it raises many ethical questions surrounding the conservation of animal populations, the effects on local communities, and the safety risks to hunters. Trophy hunting is often cast as either an unsustainable activity that needs to be eliminated […]

Sustainable Fishing Practices: Exploring Alternatives to Overfishing and Bycatch

Our planet’s seas and oceans are rapidly depleting thanks to humankind’s overfishing practices. In recent decades, fishing has significantly increased in intensity, which has put immense pressure on fish populations and left marine ecosystems in a precarious state. This degradation of our ocean habitats poses a massive threat to its life-support system—including organisms such as […]

The Role of Hunting and Fishing in Conservation Efforts: Examining the Evidence

As our knowledge about the environment’s delicate balance of habitats and species grows, so does our responsibility to ensure we take steps to protect them. To this end, many are looking for ways to conserve nature and one of those methods is hunting and fishing activities. But what evidence do we have that shows these […]

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